Sunday, September 3, 2017

Help to identify some of the signatures in this card

This is a arequest from John Barber:

My father Laurie Barber fought against the Afrika Korp  in Operation Crusader with the 18th Battalion 2nd NZEF and also on Crete against the fallschirmjager.He visited Germany as a guest of the German Paratroopers Assn in 1963, prior to that he was invited to the Afrika Korps Reunion in 1962, unfortunately he could not attend both.

So for not attending the Afrika Korp reunion, my father was sent a post card from the reunion, with Frau Rommels signature on the front and on the back signatures of some of those Afrika Korp members who attended.Can you maybe post the attached pictures to your site and see if people can identify some of the signatures please
regards John Barber