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DAK GUNS - Pkw.K1 (type 82) KÜBELWAGEN

Pictures of a Kübelwagen's in use by the Afrikakorps

Rommel was the first General to use the Volkswagen during the military operation in France. He was so impresed by it that he, afterwards, when he was in charge of the Afrika Korps, reordered an ever increasing nunber of these vehicles. The Kübelwagen distinguished itself immediatly by is enormous efficiency on all kind of terrain, in spite of its small horse power (hardly 24 HP) and the drive on the rear-wheels only.


Hermann Göring Division Cufftitle also used in North Africa.
On the begin of 1943, the Herman Göring Division goes to Tunisia.


MAY 26-27 1942

The 8th Army front extended from Gazala to Bir Hacheim and was interlaced with huge minefields of a scale and complexity never encountered before. Behind this line loomed the strongly defended boxes of Knightsbridge and El Adem and finally Tobruk, occupied by experienced desert fighters. Even Rommel underestimated the strength of the forces mustered here. However, within 3 weeks of opening his offensive, Rommel would reduce this magnificent British army to a state of complete rout.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


DAK BMW R75 from the 15th Panzer Division at the El Alamein Military Museum. Thanks to J. Porter

The original was a BMW R75, first produced in Germany in 1941 specifically for military use, primarily used with a SideCar. These military motorcycles were so reliable and successful (as also past/future models) in all climates from freezing snow to blistering desert that replica spin-offs were produced by disassembly and replication of captured BMWs in many other countries such as Russia, Korea, Japan, & China (many of these survived the war and are in museums).

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VIDEO - 1942 The AfrikaKorps Retreat in Tunisia

German amateur 8mm footage of the Afrika Korps retreat in Tunisia.
Music score (Demo Only) added in 2011 by ROMANO-ARCHIVES (A Tiny Window - "Kaike en Sholio").


Erbo von Kageneck was born on the 2th of April 1918, in the rhenische estate of his grandfather baron Clemens Schorlemer, Lieser. Erbo was just a pet name for his rather unusual first name. He was named after one of his ancestors, Arbogast, who was a knight of Xth century.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

VIDEO - 1942 The AfrikaKorps' Arab Recruits!

German amateur 8mm footage of the Afrika Korps giving the Combat Banner to Arab troops recruited in Tunisia. Integral, better quality re-masterized version.