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I was wondering if you knew anything about costal railway lines along the Mediterranean in Libya and Egypt? If you do, I would like more information on the subject. All I know is that there was the Benghazi Line (Tripoli to Tobruk, or to somewhere inside Egypt, or the railroad line that the British used (Alexandria-El Alamein-Tobruk). I have only seen 3 pictures of these rail lines (only one with Germans). If you could provide any information on this subject, or where I could fine information, (books, web sites). ANY! help would be appreciated.
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I am preparing a film on a supposed hidden treasury in Corsica. It has been sunk by German army in September 1943 near Bastia. It is usually cold "Rommel's Treasury"; Would anyone has information on the subject. About any treasury related to Rommel.
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My name is Kevin Donahue, Im a researching a photo of a knocked out tanker from the "Battle of Medenine" I am researching the photo and seeking any information that might reveal the mysteries behind the photo. For a more indepth look at what I am talking about please click the following link; (If nothing appears then you need to install the flash player). The link is;
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Kevin Donahue
by the way, I am also interested in anyone familiar or interested in scouring the Medenine battlefield.

  • Help about DAK related men
  • All about the Herman Goëring Division in North Africa, including commanders and pictures
  • General corrections and extra information
  • Looking for all the information and pictures about the "BATTLE OF KASSERINE PASS"
  • Pictures and extra info of Von Luck in Africa if possible
  • All the info and pics about Important battles
  • Extra info about Generalmajor Baade
  • Extra Info and pictures about Von Thoma
  • All the info and pictures about the battle of the Cauldron
  • Interviews with Afrika Korps survivors
  • Extra info about Von Hoesslin
  • Extra info and pictures of the Luftwaffe Units in North Africa
  • Extra info about the General Cramer
  • Biographies of regular DAK or other German soldiers or men that got somewhere connected to the African Theatre
  • Pictures and info about the Italian Army in North Africa

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