Tuesday, December 14, 2010


This little incident that took place during the filming of the old TV Show "Rat Patrol". When they (The Producers were casting for extras to play the role(s) of Afrika Korps Soldat one of the "prospective" extras handed in his application. The casting department looked this man over, spoke with him, and then said: "You won't do. You just don't look or seem believable for the part." Very graciously (if not somewhat miffed by this comment) the extra "wannabe" responded by saying: " OK thats' alright". And as he turned to leave, he slowly turned around and facing the casting director said: "I just wanted you to know I WAS in the REAL Afrika Korps"!!!! And with that he proceded with geat dignity to leave.

Amazing isn't it how history (such as how it is presented... and heavens forbid; how it is PRESERVED as reality, can be so rewritten. with all the irrelevance of political correctness and one author merely copying the mistakes and preconcieved notions accompanying that political correctness of preceding authors seems to doom us to that old admonition : "We must remember and learn from our past or we are doomed to repeat it."

Brian Barta

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