Sunday, December 26, 2010

AFRIKAKORPS TODAY - Afrika Korps 1/72 Plastic Soldiers from Heller

This is my 1/72 scale AfrikaKorps soldiers from Heller (Made in France) The small figures are nice but appears to be taken from an old Airifix mold.

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  1. Hi,
    The 2nd box type of Heller DAK is much more enticing! For one there is a DAK soldier on the front illustration using the V shaped extended binoculars however sadly he is not in the box and it is in fact the ex Airfix set again. The yellow band featuring the word Heller on the box left is also used for the Opel Blitz and Pak40. The difference is that box contains the ex ESCI blitz and Pak40 at 1/72... Boxes with "Heller" as above or on horizontal yellow stripe (the Esci one is vertical) contain the ex Airfix Blitz and Pak40 ALSO marked as 1/72 but actually 1/76. Both the Airfix and Esci are old moulds but the Esci is a nicer model. Shame its not a Pak38 because that was a lot more common in DAK than the Pak40... Heller kits are a minefield. They make ancient flawed Airfix M4 Shermans and a couple of great recent moulds!!! IMHO the DAK plastic soldiers to have are The Italieri "DAK" (watch out they also sell older moulds as Afrika Korps) The Caesar "build them up" 1/72 with excellent build options and separate weapons, The Vintage ATLANTIC Africa Corps which have seperate caps, tropical and standard helmets and lastly the Airfix ones mention here in a Heller box are still hard to beat. Thanks for sharing all these wonderful pictures and details. I am on the hunt for definite info as to what was used to to tow;-
    Pak 38s (Sdkfz10s?)
    Pak 36
    and Pak 36r (ex Russian 7.62)

    also where NO KDF Beetles, Maultiers or SDanh116 Trailers in the DAK. My apoligies if your posts have answered these questions, I have not looked at everything yet. PS I wholeheartedly agree with your disclaimer!

    Cheers and Many Thanks
    Pete aka Dr.Bastardo