Monday, December 13, 2010


19rh October 2003 celebrations at Herrlingen near Ulm. It was a moving commemoration with speeches of:
  • Karl-Heinz Glinder, President of Verband Deutsches Afrikakorps e.V.
  • General K.H. Lather, German Army and commanding General of the joint German-American Corps at Stuttgart.
  • Dr. Manfred Rommel, Son of the FM (Field Marshal)
There were about 300 to 400 people present, about 100 Afrikakorps Veterans, local people and delegations from Britain, USA, German Veteran Associations etc.
Many flags, flowers. The sun was shining but it was a very cool day.

Dr. Manfred Rommel, Son of the FM (Field Marshal)
The site after the presentation of the flower bouquets
Dr. Manfred Rommel in conversation with General Lather
British Delegation at the memorial Stone where Rommel was
forced to take poison
Rommel Memorial Stone at Herrlingen
The Rommel Family Burial Site at Herrlingen
Karl-Heinz Glinder, President of the Verband Deutsches Afrikakorps
(look at the AFRIKAKORPS cuff tittle in his right arm)
General Lather, Commanding General of the German-American Corps Stuttgart
A comprehensive article about this commemoration event will be published in the OASE

Credits: Helmuth Orchiedt



  1. Hello,

    my Name is Gregor Botte, Karl-Heinz Glinder was my grandfather. He left us in the year 2004.

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