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Feldgendarm showing the right way to Halfaia (Colorized Picture by me)
The Germans use all kind of road signs to orientate their forces as to provide all kind of information. In the North Africa campaign it was not different.

HALTE = STOP / HAIDRA is a place's name.

DRIVE SLOW - 5 KM Langsam" = "slow," "Fahren" = "drive."
Rallentare is Italian for "slow down" Chillon is the short for "Kilometers" in Italian. It would appear the lower portion of this sign is written in Italian, by the Germans for the Axis Italians. Then again, the Germans could have simply appended to the top of an existing sign.

This sign was used to indicate the actual position of the the 21st Panzer Division. Note the German colors on the left and the divisional symbol on the right.

This sign says WATER SUPPLY." "Aus" means, roughly, "out," and "gabe" means, basically, "give." Thus, "water out-giving.
Wasser Ausgabe = Water Disbursement

This one indicates a minefield. The minefields wore very comun in Africa and the Afrika Korps used to mark them with this kind of sign.

This is a road sign used somewhere at 20Km of Hamama and 40Km of Maraua as is write on the sign itself.

Flieger, H. = Horst, Kdtr. = Kommandatur
All in all it says: "Fliegerhorst-Kommandatur", which means: Airfield-Chief´s Bureau

Self explanatory sign, indicating distances of various locations.

The following people helping me in this subject:

Bill Blatt

Jeffrey P. Wendt

Mario Fanelli

Uwe Wiedemann

Thanks for all.

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