Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Haunting and enthralling, The English Patient is a scrapbook of another world, of romance and adventure and tragedy, jumbled out of sequence.Years after the plane crash, its pilot, Count Almasy (Ralph Fiennes) he survived the crash but was horribly burned and is now dying reminisces bitterly about his stolen, illicit affair with Katherine Clifton (Kristin Scott Thomas), the woman in the plane. Almasy at first seems repelled by Katherine, the wife of a fellow cartographer Geoffrey Clifton (Colin Firth) all are part of an international group mapping North Africa just before World War II but in fact he's so strongly attracted to her that it frightens him. He is the kind of man who bottles up emotions until they explode, and when he and Katherine do finally come together, it is with a kind of rage.
In contrast to Almasy and Katherine's tempestuous relationship is the tender, tentative romance between Almasy's nurse, Hana (Juliette Binoche), and bomb expert Kip (Naveen Andrews) in the film's present, near the end of the war. Hana believes she is cursed, that those she loves will invariably be killed they frequently are and her reluctance to get close to anyone in a world where friends and lovers are taken suddenly and capriciously will resonate in Almasy's story.



Uwaynat in southwestern Egypt is the location of the ‘Cave of the Swimmers’, the famous cave paintings discovered by Laszlo Almasy in the middle of the western desert. The images, which are found in a region completely devoid of water, curiously depict characters swimming. This cave featured prominently in the film The English Patient.



  1. Another DAK related period movie is "Ice Cold in Alex." Made in the 1950's it covers a supposedly true story of the attempts of a military ambulance, and personnel, to get back to Alexandria after the fall of Tobruk.

  2. ‘Cave of the Swimmers’- these are the five elements from which man was created : water, air , earth , light and matter . We see also three gods - three creator of life.

  3. Souls prevented from entering heaven?

  4. Desert ww2 movies I know
    Rommel _ James mason b/w ( a typical old ww2 movie not as good as desert rats)
    Sahara _ Humphrey Bogart (lullabel the m3lee tank and band of multinationals take on the terrible Germans - silly but it's cracking film haha)
    Desert rats_ Richard burton ( about Australian troops in tobruk)
    Tobruk _ can't recall name (not most realistic film but lots of desert antics )